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What if JULIET doesn’t kill herself?!

ALL NEW PLAY! JULIET: A Revenge Comedy by Pippa Mackie and Ryan Gladstone

TOURING THIS SUMMER to the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals!

Juliet: A Revenge Comedy follows Juliet as she tears herself from the pages of the narrative determined to alter her fate. With dagger in hand, Juliet wanders through the cannon and recruits a team of Shakespeare’s renowned female characters to confront their creator: William Shakespeare himself! This comedic adventure follows Juliet on an epic journey, as she reclaims her possible (fated) demise through quill fights, witches and a climactic battle!

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CANS Festival II : Distinguished, Rushed Comedy since 2018 - Hosted by Blind Tiger Comedy and Little Mountain Comedy Department
7:00 PM19:00

CANS Festival II : Distinguished, Rushed Comedy since 2018 - Hosted by Blind Tiger Comedy and Little Mountain Comedy Department

Cans Festival is BACK. Cans Festival II will feature six brand-new shows created by world-class comedians in less than a week based on you the internet's bullshitty suggestions. It's just like Cannes...in name only.

These stage productions will debut in back-to-back prestige events on Friday April 19th: the 7:30pm Opening Gala and the 9:30pm Closing Gala & Awards Show.


A dream team list of creators is not fooling in any way. Each of these artistic leaders will produce a 20 minute show to debut at Cans:

Pippa Mackie and Tom Hill
Stephanie Mills
Ryan Beil & Mark Chavez
Brunch Comedy
Stacey McLachlan & Jordan Potter
Ronald Dario & Patrick Dodd

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White Noise by Taran Kootenhayoo
to Mar 2

White Noise by Taran Kootenhayoo

White Noise, a curious comedy by Taran J. Kootenhayoo

This workshop production is produced by Savage Society.

When the Mannings notice that new neighbours have moved in next to their Point Grey home, they invite them over for dinner. Drama and comedy ensue as a Denesuline & Nakoda Sioux family try to find common ground with the yoga/ corporate Point Grey family, the Mannings. Tensions rise as internalized racism surfaces. White Noise poses the question, how do we deal with internalized racism? Do we keep pushing it away and pretend to live safety in our day to day?

Directed by Renae Morriseau

Starring: Mariel Belanger, Sam Bob, Craig Erickson, Braiden Houle, Pippa Mackie, Anita Wittenberg

Set Design by Lauchlin Johnston
Projection & Sound Design by Cande Andrade Gutierrez
Assistant Direction and Costume Design by Tai Amy Grauman
Stage Manager Dorothy Jenkins
Technical Director Conor Moore
Assistant Technical Director Brody Halfe

White Noise has been developed with the assistance of PTC and Lindsay Lachance.

Special thanks to the B.C. Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des Arts du Canada City of New Westminster, Talking Stick Festival, The Hamber Foundation and Anvil Centre

BUY TICKETS HERE: https://www.ticketsnw.ca/TheatreManager/1/online?event=0

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