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CANS Festival II : Distinguished, Rushed Comedy since 2018 - Hosted by Blind Tiger Comedy and Little Mountain Comedy Department

Cans Festival is BACK. Cans Festival II will feature six brand-new shows created by world-class comedians in less than a week based on you the internet's bullshitty suggestions. It's just like name only.

These stage productions will debut in back-to-back prestige events on Friday April 19th: the 7:30pm Opening Gala and the 9:30pm Closing Gala & Awards Show.


A dream team list of creators is not fooling in any way. Each of these artistic leaders will produce a 20 minute show to debut at Cans:

Pippa Mackie and Tom Hill
Stephanie Mills
Ryan Beil & Mark Chavez
Brunch Comedy
Stacey McLachlan & Jordan Potter
Ronald Dario & Patrick Dodd