JULIET: A Revenge Comedy

co-written by Pippa Mackie and Ryan Gladstone

What if JULIET doesn’t kill herself?

JULIET: A Revenge Comedy is a fast-paced, action adventure comedy that follows Juliet on the literary adventure of the century. Juliet, played by Canadian Comedy Award nominee Pippa Mackie, refuses to die for someone she just met two days ago. She recruits a team of Shakespeare’s most famous female characters (all played by Fringe comedy veteran Carly Pokoradi) to find out why they’ve been forced to die! CAN THEY ALTER THEIR FATE?!
The show includes: quill fights, barge chases and killer snakes!

JULIET: A Revenge Comedy in the PRESS

★★★★★ STARS -CBC


“It’s cerebral without ever being inaccessible. It’s comfortably cool in the handy, food-purveying King’s Head Pub venue, so you’d be daft, or slow to buy, to miss out on this sure-to-sell-out gem.” - Lara Rae


-Winnipeg Free Press


“The interactions between Pokoradi and Mackie veer between classic Shakespeare and saucy modern-day dialogue, keeping audiences in stitches from beginning to end of the 60-minute production. The taut writing, sparse props and sound effects are bolstered by fantastic performances, which serve to ratchet up the laughs from start to finish.” - Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson

Juliet writes her own story: Juliet: A Revenge Comedy. A Fringe review

This is one of the best. Give yourself a treat.” - Liz Nicholls


The Woman, the Armchair & A Carton of Eggs

One Act Play


2016 - WRECKING BALL Event - Neworld Theatre

2017 - Pull Festival - Speakeasy Theatre


“In 2017, I was asked to participate in a writing event with Neworld theatre called “Wrecking Ball” in which various playwrights were asked to write a one-act play based on a news headline. My headline assignment read: “Man arrested after breaking into Vancouver home, stripping naked, and cooking eggs”. Using this headline as my inspiration, I wrote a dark comedy titled: “The Woman, the Armchair and a Carton of Eggs”. Other writers were assigned political headlines and I got the naked eggs dude. Trump had just been elected and I was angry. The more I thought about my headline, the more I found it to be reflective of the time we were in. The naked man represents the patriarchy marching into our lives/homes/minds and doing whatever the f* he wants to do. I started to think, how did we get here?! How did a pussy grabber become the President?! What can we do?! By the end of my one act play, the character She murders everyone with an axe.”

-Pippa Mackie



One Act Play


2015 - Pull Festival - Speakeasy Theatre - Published in Pull Festival Anthology 1

2016 - Shift Festival - Shift Theatre


Deer Harper is a darkly comedic love story starring former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a deer.



Previous title: TRUANCE and the teenage blowjob

One Act & Full-Length


2012 - Pull Festival - Sum Theatre

2014 - Pull Festival - Sum Theatre

(Pippa is currently adapting Truance into a feature-length Screenplay with support from Wet Ink Collective)


Truance is a dark comedy based on true events about a 17-year-old girl who was put in jail for giving a 15 year old boy a blow job in the United States of America.



One Act


2018 - Pull Festival - Speakeasy Theatre


A woman’s previous sexual partners help her find out if she is truly in love.



The Progressive Polygamists

Created and Performed by Emmelia Gordon and Pippa Mackie


The Progressive Polygamists is an award-winning satirical comedy starring the Fringe festivals favourite sister-wives Mercy Eve (Pippa Mackie) and Eden Grace (Emmelia Gordon), who are determined to convince YOU that polygamy is the best way to live! Through song, cookies, jump rope and sweetness, this award-winning fast paced “reformance” reveals the truth about sharing a husband and living in ‘Plentiful B.C.’ Come see what earned The Progressive Polygamists 5 star reviews across Canada and remember, Keep Sweet… always KEEP SWEET!

The Progressive Polygamists FACEBOOK PAGE


Production History:

2012 - Toronto Fringe Festival

2012 - Saskatoon Fringe Festival – Pick of the Fringe*

2012- Vancouver Fringe Festival – Pick of the Fringe*

2013- Little Mountain Gallery

2013- Winnipeg Fringe Festival

2013- Fort McMurray Theatre Festival

2013- Edmonton Fringe Festival – Pick of the Fringe*

2014- Firehall Arts Centre

2014- Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival

2015- rEvolver Festival

2018 - Edmonton Fringe Festival

PRAISE for The Progressive Polygamists:

“Absolutely a show not to be missed.” - Edmonton Sun

“Not only is the sardonic writing a relevant comic triumph, but Mackie and Gordon are a powerful pair…. Gordon and Mackie are killer at all of it. See this show immediately. “ - Janet French (Star Phoenix- 5 STARS)

“Emmelia Gordon, playing Eden Grace, and Pippa Mackie, Mercy Eve, proved a charismatic and dynamic duo as they assumed the role of two polygamists in what was truly a fringe highlight "reformance."
-Edmonton Journal Review 5 stars !


Industry: The Food Must Go Out

co-written and performed by Pippa Mackie, Nik Bunting, and Lauren Jackson

*WINNER of the Vancouver Fringe Award for Innovation*

Vancouver Fringe Festival 2015

A show about the restaurant industry performed in an actual restaurant!

'Industry: the Food Must Go Out' is a fast paced comedy starring three of Vancouver’s award winning Fringe comedians Pippa Mackie (the busser) , Lauren Jackson (the server) and Nik Bunting (the sous-chef). By using a combined 20 years of restaurant industry experience, Nik, Lauren and Pippa use personal stories to expose the comic, tragic, messy & tasty truths about working in a restaurant. Performed in Edible Canada Granville Island Bistro, the actual restaurant they currently work in, audiences are sure to get a taste of what it’s really like to work in the industry. Drinks available throughout the show!

“This show is a perfect Fringe show as it deals with that harsh truth of brilliant actors often having to work in the food service industry. Pippa Mackie, Lauren Jackson and Nik Bunting with special guest appearance by Emmelia Gordon as “the Hangover” are some of the funniest actors in the city.” - Vancouver Presents

* Industry listed as a MUST-SEE “Comic dervish Pippa Mackie” - Colin Thomas





Co-Artistic Director




The Pull Festival is an annual play Festival featuring a repertoire of six or seven ten-minute plays. Pull seeks out original, un-produced plays from Vancouver based playwrights and along with its artistic team, produces, develops, dramaturges and supports the presentation of these new works.

The Pull Festival was created and designed to foster the creation of new plays and encouraging new writers to explore their voice. It was also designed to give a playing space for emerging actors to be seen. The 10-minute play model has been an incredible gateway for new audiences; including a younger demographic that is either uninterested or tired of the traditional night out to the theatre.The wide-ranging scope of stories and style explored at Pull (six or seven plays in one night) ensures there is always something for everyone.



Co-Creator/Writer/Performer of the Lost Words event series

2015-2016- Artistic Associate with Pi Theatre Lost Words event series


Pippa co-created this series with Jeff Gladstone. Pi Theatre presented Lost Words, an event series focused on banned, censored and contentious artistic works. The series took place in the Cabaret at the Emerald Supper Club. Lost Words took place over four evenings under four different subjects: SEX, RELIGIOUS, POLITICS, CANADA. Each evening fully sold out.


“Orgasms took place on stage, and sto­ry­lines touched intre­pidly on pedophilia, incest, and pornog­ra­phy, yet every­thing was per­formed poet­i­cally. “ -SadMagazine



2018 - Upintheair Theatre - Progress Lab


Award-winning playwrights compete head to head in a live action writing challenge. Writers were given 1 hour to write a short script with subjects chosen by the audience, in the genre of speculative fiction. WHAT the F* is is speculative fiction? Narrative exploring real and important ideas about what is happening in the world right now, through an intelligent eye on the near future. Dystopian reality-esque. Examples: Black Mirror, 1984, the Handmaid’s Tale. Get it?

The playwrights write live at a table in front of the crowd and at the end of the hour they select actors to cold-read what they have written. By audience applause, a winner is chosen at the end of the night.







One stage. One hour. 4 artists (example: dancer, painter, rapper, playwright) One Winner! RULES: Artists will be given a proverb at the beginning of the hour. They will have 1 hour to complete a piece of art in their genre that best executes the given suggestion. The artists must create the piece onstage in front of the audience, and in front of each other. At the end of the hour, they must present what they have. With the help of the guest artistic advisory panel, the audience will vote for their favourite artist. The winner gets $50, a bottle of pure Canadian maple syrup and bragging rights. Co-created and produced with Kayvon Khoshkam.